Defender 8 Zones Smart Burglar Alarm System
Defender 8 Zones Smart Burglar Alarm System PANEL & KEYPAD DEFENDER ALARM SYSTEM Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Perak, Skudai, Subang Jaya, Ipoh Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | AIASIA TECHNOLOGY DISTRIBUTION SDN BHD
Central Features
  • 8 Fully programmable zones with End-of-line supervision
  • 2 Programmable partitions
  • 2 Programmable phone number for CMS reporting
  • 2 intelligent zones to minimize false alarm
  • Programme: Entry/Exit, internal, instant, 24 hour, fire and silent zone
  • 9 Programmable user codes including Master Password
  • 2 Arm Modes: Away & Home
  • Zone sensitivity with 255 selectable levels
  • Programmable Entry delay and exit delay from 0~255 seconds
Wireless Application
  • Wireless operation with RF Module
  • RF Receiver 2 channel come with 3 transmitters
  • Wireless Operation: ARM & DISARM
Home Automation Control
  • 3 dedicated build-in security Automation Outputs
  • 18 Options of Intelligent Automation Activation/Deactivation
  • Remote Operation via phone control
  • Local programming from LED keypads
  • Non-volatile EEPROM memory retains programmed data even during total power loss
Remote Operation
  • User friendly speech menu
  • User follows speech instruction for operation
  • Secure remote communications using security codes
  • Remote Operation via Touch/Mobile Phone uncludes:
            -Zone Status Check
            -Arm & Disarm
            -Zone bypass
            -Home automation control
  • Free from hassle of manual arm/disarm
Digital Communicator
  • 2 Programme phone number for CMS reporting
  • Pulse or DTMF dialing
  • Contact ID format reporting
Speech Dialer
  • 4 Programmable phone number for voice messages reporting during Alarm / emergency
  • Support up 4 keypads per system
  • LED keypad displays status of each individual zone with indication of trouble, Alarm and Bypass
  • Keypad lockout to prevent intruder
  • Programmable keypad lockout time and attempt
Access Codes
  • 3 level Authorizations: Installer, Master & User
  • 1 installer code, 1 master code and 8 programmable user codes of 4 digits
Power Specification
  • AC power loss detection
  • Batter: 12 VDC/7AH
  • DC Battery charging
  • Low battery voltage detection
Lightning Surge Protection
  • 2 Level Protection: Onboard and PSTN Line-in
  • Onboard and PSTN line (MOV): Withstanding current @ 250A

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