BRD02. MAG Traffic Detector
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BRD02. MAG Traffic Detector

BRD02 is a traffic detector that adopts 24-24.25GHz Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) and high-speed digital signal processing technology to calculate the target distance by calculating the frequency difference between the received echo frequency and the transmission frequency. After logical operation, it performs external control and data transmission.

It is suitable for vehicle monitoring and controlling the opening and closing of barrier gate for smooth parking access.


Input Voltage
DC12V, 150mA
Working Frequency
Modulation Mode
Sending Power
Angle between the Beam and Pole
Wide wave 15°, Narrow wave 12°
Detection Distance
1 – 6 meters, ±0.2 meters
Working Temperature
Protection Level
131mm x 106mm x 28.5mm


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