EQ-501. Panasonic Infrared Transceiver
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EQ-501. Panasonic Infrared Transceiver - Barrier Gate System

Our Panasonic infrared transceiver comes with transmitter and receiver built into a single unit. Adjustable range 0.2 to 2.5 meter. Relay contact output. 20 msec response time.

Can be installed onto to turnstile as additional security protection to prevent people from crawling under or climbing over the turnstile.

Features :

  • Resists color or angle variations
    Due to the advanced optical system, it is not affected by variations in the object’s angle or gross when compared to conventional sensors. Further, as the difference in sensing range between white and black is 5 % approx
    Note: Sensing can be performed at a somewhat constant position even if the sensing object is white or black

  • Not affected by background object
    Because it doesn’t detect objects out of the preset sensing field, it will not malfunction even if a personnel walks behind it or if there are other machines or conveyors in the background

  • An easy to set adjuster with indicator
    Equipped with a 2-turn adjuster with indicator that is easy to set either for short or long distances


Note: It is not recommended to use EQ501 sensor as replacement of loop detector. Loop detector detection is based on metal detection. Metal detection is still the most accurate detection metal to close barrier gate after vehicle finished passing through.

1. BRD01  : MAG loop detector will trigger barrier gate close automatically after vehicle passed through.

2. EQ501  : Panasonic Infrared sensor as a safety sensor to avoid arm accidently hit the car due to malfunction barrier gate system

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